Business Management Software

For database systems & bespoke software applications

Salespoint creates systems.

Our business management software is based on 20 years experience and a careful understanding of your business processes. Our analysis will also question existing practice and take the opportunity to improve processes at every step. This is not to intended to challenge but to explore ways in which your systems can be made more efficient.

Our objective is to create simple to use interfaces, to allow your staff to focus on the task in hand. And then the system ensures that your business runs smoothly.

Our first system development was our own – in 1999 we developed an extranet for our telemarketing service to enable our clients to see the results of our telephone calls and to update information for the prospect records that we held for them. This extranet system has since developed into our VIEWiT cloud telemarketing software with integrated bulk emailing

Since then, Salespoint has developed a wide range of applications to complement existing processes and for full cloud Business Management Software solutions. The wide range of sectors that we work in include:

  • Manufacturing, distribution and service companies
  • National membership organisations
  • National training suppliers