Customer Relationship Management Software

Focused, Integrated, Simple

Salespoint is Customer Relationship Management Software.

It's where we started. Telemarketing was new and computing in the office was even newer. But we knew that information is useless without proper management. And so we created our first CRM system to run our telemarketing campaigns. That has changed completely over the years, but the principles haven't:

It's simple, you just need to speak to the right person at the right time.

And that where Salespoint CRM excels. We make sure the screens are exactly what you need, match your business and are easy to use. Then you can concentrate on the calls – the software looks after everything else:

  • Simple to use screens for the information that your business needs
  • Easily to set up and make call backs
  • Integrated with email for bulk email and one-click single sends
  • Save your search criteria to automate and drive your business growth
  • Create targeted worklists or take records from the prospect pool

Salespoint CRM Software is available as an office application, installed and running within your organisation, and also as a CRM cloud software.

And of course CRM is only the beginning. If you run a telemarketing team, Salespoint VIEWiT makes sure that your sales force has the latest information at their fingertips.

  • Live access to their appointment information
  • Able to complete meeting notes and initiate pipeline processes
  • Want more? – tell us and we can build it.